Shine Success Limited is a Hong Kong based company with interests in a variety of businesses including general trading, electrical and mechanical engineering and maintenance project management, supply and installation of material storage systems. Over the past years since its establishment in 1987, through merging, acquisition and expansion, fast development in business activities and area coverage were achieved. To day, Shine Success is an energetic, forward marching and fully committed group with diversified business foci in Hong Kong and China.

To cover effectively branches of various business interests, the Group consists of three specialist business units, each employing highly skilled, experienced specialist personnel:

Shine Success Limited Material Storage System Project: To design, supply and install storage systems of various applications, such as library archival, warehouse storage, medical records and X-ray films storage, etc.

Goldborne Company Limited Equipment and Tools: To supply equipment, tools and products under the category of Storage, Handling, Environmental and Waste, Safety and Security.

Binova (China) Limited Interior Contracts: To undertake turnkey projects of fitting out and refurbishing workplace premises; scope of works including space planning, interior design, partitioning, ceilings, mezzanine floors, M & E services, minor civil works, office system desking and storage.



  1. To be a leading, innovative distributor of the best systems satisfying the needs of storage and filing for customers.
  2. To bring in to our areas of coverage the best products in terms of quality and advance technology.
  3. To deliver the products and services to the greatest satisfaction of our customers.
  4. The 4 Rs commitments to customers:


Products and Services

Shine Success delivers a wide range of storage systems

It is our business to provide services to our customers in full and complete. It covers:

  1. storage strategies and system design;
  2. project management and engineering services;
  3. construction, installation, service and maintenance, training.